Seeing smiles grow throughout
the years.

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K-12 Photography for schools across Vietnam

Our enthusiastic photographers capture natural smiles and personalities of K-12 students across Vietnam. Schools and families can cherish these memories forever.

Remembering every smile.

How It Works

Students are  photographed at school and receive a school code/password for parents to use on our website. Families can order online and communicate directly with Picture Perfect regarding inquiries and orders.

Our Picture Perfect Project Manager will contact you to review Picture Day details.

3 Weeks Before Picture Day:

  • Picture Day materials will arrive to your school
  • Picture Perfect will supply your school with posters to promote Picture Day
  • Your school sends your class rosters to our Picture Perfect Project Manager

1 Week Before Picture Day:

  • Send parent flyers home

1 Day Before Picture Day:

  • Children get a “PICTURE DAY TOMORROW” sticker on their clothing.

Our wonderful photographers will work with you to ensure a successful Picture Day.

  • Kindly inform our photographers if your school requires any special needs.
  • Our photographers will give you “Thank you” notes from us to your parents, which includes the website password/code for family orders

Families have 2 weeks to place their orders online.

  • Families will place orders online and contact Picture Perfect if they have any questions.
  • 3 Weeks After Order Deadline: Picture Packages & Products will arrive at your school with simple instructions for distribution.

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